Shusha hindi font for mac

But, you are not done yet! You need to find where the file is! If we are lost and do not know where the downloaded file is on hard disk, how do we find out where it is? One way is to use the "Find" utility. Click on "Start", found on bottom left of your screen, then "Find", then on "Files or Folders In that case, you need to make a note of the folder name. The three Hindi Shusha Font Files: Well, there are always more than one way to do the same thing.

Simplest way, probably, is to use Windows Explorer the File Manager program. Open the Windows Explorer program its icon is a blue color magnifying glass placed on a yellow folder. Locate the three files you have downloaded. One by one or all three together , select the file, and right drag right mouse button kept pressed while dragging the three files into the window's FONTS directory.

Shusha : Download For FREE, View Character Map And Create Your Own Counter Using Shusha.

Right drag would open up a small menu providing choices for either copying or moving the file or even canceling the operation. Restarting the machine to make your new fonts operational may not be necessary, but it could be the last resort. Check out the programs like Word or FrontPage. Look into the list of all fonts in these programs to see if our Shusha fonts are included there.

Free Hindi Font Download

If yes, we got it made! Now you are ready to write your own poetry in Hindi Shusha Fonts! In Word or in FrontPage, select Shusha font from the list of fonts. You have a English Keyboard that is meant for English alphabet. You have to use this keyboard, but you want to produce Hindi characters. No problem! What you need is a little "Mapping" help!

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How about having a KeyBoard Layout to produce Hindi characters? Well, we thought, you sure would like to have this map! Click on the following icon, and the map should open up on your screen.

Hell rinki you have to download this font! Namaskar, Thank you for this Hindi application, very good to maintain the use of the beautiful Devanagri script.

I have one major difficulty with typing and that is that I cannot write every Hindi or Sankrit word I wish. For instance it is for me not possible to write Guru Vasishth in a proper way, bacause on the keyboard layout those special letters or letter combination are not available. Can you please tell me how to solve this matter?

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Thanks vinod. Keep visiting and spreading word about hindityping. I have installed the shusha fonts on Windows 8. I am unable to change the font on the on screen keyboard OSK. Can you tell me how to change fonts on the OSK?

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Download and install Shusha hindi font

Or install shusha as a language on windows 8. We are so sorry for that. We will let you know soon. And if you have got solution please share it with us. Hi Sadna.

How to add hindi font in Microsoft word

Please open font files and click on install button. I had tried to change the excel font in hindi it is done but in Powerpoint it is happening.. I am using Shusha fonts to write in ms word for many years. Now I want to use this font for Google drive also. But I am not finding the way. Please help. Hi these fonts are not Truetype fonts. You need to use them on your pc and then save files on drive. Alternatively you can use unicode which can be done through Google hindi input IME for desktop. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Hindi is national language of india.

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All fonts will get installed in your system. We hope its easy tutorial to install Hindi font on your PC.