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Use "Mailto" links to go straight to your preferred email client. The menu button is located at the upper, righthand corner of your screen. Click "Applications.

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Click "mailto. You can perform a query for "mailto" in the search bar or simply scroll down the column in order to find it. Change the default mailto client. Click the triangle and select your new default.

Make Gmail the default mail app for Safari, Chrome and Firefox

You'll have the options to "Use Gmail," "Use Yahoo! Mail," or "Use other You can also use this to remove certain webmail services. Exit the "Preferences" menu. Your changes will be saved automatically. Launch Apple Mail. You'll likely find Mail located in your Dock and designated by a "stamp" icon. These steps only adjust the email client that opens received emails. If you wish to change the email client that sends messages when you click a "Mailto" link online, those methods are detailed separately.

Setting Airmail as the Default Email Client - Airmail for macOS

Open the "Mail" menu and select "Preferences". Select the "General" tab. This is the first tab on the left on the "Preferences" screen.

Here you can select alternate email software like Thunderbird or Outlook. If that client isn't readily visible, choose "Select" and browse through Finder to select a client from there. Close the "Preferences" window. Your changes will automatically be saved.

Change your default web browser

How do I disable Mail from opening at all on my Mac? I'm tired of it flying open every time I try to copy an email address from the web or an Excel spreadsheet. I don't use Mail at all and would uninstall it, if I knew I could re-install if I ever needed to start using it. Right now, Mail is likely the default email app on your Mac.

  1. How to Change the Default Mail App Client in Mac OS X.
  2. Use any of your email addresses in Mac Mail.
  3. Change the default browser or email client on your Mac;
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The steps below outline how to change default program on Mac to a third-party one. If you have some email client already downloaded, you can still use the steps below to change the default email client from Mail. Just sub the name of your app in place of Canary.

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  • Change the default browser or email client on your Mac.
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  • Just in case, Canary Mail download is available here. Switching and customizing your default apps will improve your interactions with your Mac, enhancing how you experience the activities you spend time doing everyday by making them faster and easier. Once you know how to switch the default apps, you may find yourself customizing other aspects of your computer use. PDFpen and Canary Mail are both offered as free trials from Setapp — a platform for over unique and useful Mac apps — so there is no risk to trying something new.

    If you don't like it, you can always go back and change the default again at any time. So whether you are running a faster browser, highlighting and making notes in the margin for school, or simply clearing out junk-mail now that you can change default application on macOS you can take control of the finer points of how your Mac runs. Small daily tasks will wrap up faster and look better. Our newsletter is typed with care for all the Mac-loving app-connoisseurs. Subscribe for a few notes from us each month containing app tutorials, productivity tips, and the latest Mac buzz.

    Try free. Change your default email app We spend so much time checking, writing, and organizing emails that having an email client designed to save you time is key. Switch the default email client from Mail to Canary: Launch Mail by clicking the icon in the Dock or searching for it with Finder At the top of the screen, click Mail in the menu bar and then Preferences Select the dropdown next to Default Mail Reader Choose Canary as the default This change should take immediate effect.

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    Now , let us know your email. Besides being the most secure browsers, Chrome and Firefox are best for Gmail. Our solutions for Edge and Safari are not ideal, but, then again, neither are they. Fortunately, there are good options for all the operating systems we looked at.

    To make Windows use Gmail by default, you first set your browser of choice as the default email application. You then set it to use Gmail, using the relevant guide. A settings screen will appear, showing your default applications for various functions, including your default map, music, photo, video and browser apps, as well as your default email program.

    For some good photo applications, read our best photo management software article. Read the browser-specific guides below to finish setting up. Linux users who want to use Gmail, or other webmail, can use the desktop-webmail package. It also works for Hotmail, Yahoo and Zoho. Check out our helpful list of the best VPN services for Linux for suggestions.

    If the guide for your OS points you to a browser for the last step, look for it below and follow the instructions. Safari users, in particular, might need to do so. To set Gmail as your default email handler in Chrome, open the settings via the three dots icon at the top right. It will be colored, not gray, if it is. Open Gmail like normal.

    Setting Airmail as the Default Email Client - Airmail for macOS

    In the URL bar, there should be a gray diamond at the top right. Click it to make Gmail your default. The selection dialogue has a checkbox that lets you set it as the default on subsequent occasions. Things are tricky for Safari users. You can try pestering the developers to update it on github.