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Year end process is unnecessarily convoluted and cumbersome for the business. Inventory 'available' isn't displayed during invoicing, only 'On Hand'. Only 2 years of sales statistics are tracked - current and prior year. Since current is always opened before the prior year is completed, there is never any point in time where a comparative report is of any use. Canned reports are inadequate and can't be customized. Jason from Public practice accounting firm. Used to be the standard for small business in Canada, but no longer.

I have recently discovered Xero and moved my accounting practice to this software. It is so simple with the convenience of being cloud-based. I now recommend Xero to my clients and given its simplicity yet still very powerful I can foresee clients taking charge of their own bookkeeping and getting rid of their existing bookkeepers.

Sage 50 was the accounting program I used to recommend to all my small business clients. Stable program that has most of the simple functions needed for most small businesses. Most used small business accounting software among my clients and almost all bookkeepers in our area use and have experience working solely with Sage It's not the most user-friendly program and has a reputation of being difficult for non-bookkeepers and bookkeepers alike to use properly.

Sage has been slow to make it more user-friendly and were behind in moving to cloud options. Personal experience is Sage support is very slow to respond to queries. The software is pretty self explanatory meaning I don't believe new users would require additional training in order to use the product. I think if they would develop a better adjustment scenario ie.

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Journal Entry adjustments I think this product would rate up there with QuickBooks. This product is definitely worth the look! The customer service at Sage is extremely helpful! I have had to call multiple times, and each and every time they patiently help me through my problem. I think it's great if you have a small to medium sized manufacturing business and want something to keep track of everything. Comparing the software to QuickBooks, I think there is a lack of efficiency in entering Journal Entries especially when you happen to find a problem that originated in a prior year.

Other than that, I think the software is great for recording daily transactions and keeping track of inventory for small to medium businesses. Kenatu from TPDCo. For all of us who stuck with Peach Tree from back in the day, our time has come. I simply love this application. Its my best friend. As a small business owner I can tell you the ability to have my accounts at my fingertips while I am on the go blows my mind. I am tickled pink.

I have to pinch myself. I am able to see my inventory, check prices and stock and give clients discounts and assurances that I can reliably trust in real time. The subscription cost is almost nominal for the value it gives me. Access to my Accounts in real time on my mobile device. Easy to use and covers all that I need for a small business owner who is the the head cook and bottle washer.

I can process payments and check on outstanding receivables while on the go. I am sure that I will think of one in the future but for now I am at a loss. I have used both for several years. But as you begin to actually understand accounting and your bookkeeping goes on and on you discover some very frightening things about Quickbooks. They put everything onto one, big, gigantic database-unlike almost every other accounting system in the world. That has several disadvantages but the biggest is why quickbooks has a nickname If you complain loudly enough they will recommend you "start over" after a year or two by opening a new company for the new year.

Their constant ads are something you can live with. But what if you've had quickbooks for 4 or 5 years and you want to put it on another computer because your older computer blew up? You'll have to get the latest version. At least with peachtree that is not an issue if you saved all 3 of the registration numbers needed.

My biggest complaint about quickbooks, though, is that it lets you do anything you want. That sounds good for somethings. It's not good for accounting. Peachtree makes it harder to go off track although you can certainly mess up your peachtree books as well. Another thing I like about peachtree for me is that the fonts are bigger and they don't try to put everything on one page. Quickbooks has tiny font but you can certainly see lots of stuff on every page. I really dislike quickbooks reports which also have tiny fonts but that is personal preference.

Usually lower in price. It doesn't try to hide the "debits and credits" as much as quickbooks does. In the long run that is a good thing. You will learn real accounting much quicker with peachtree than quickbooks and you should learn it anyway. Peachtree is not as popular as quickbooks so there are not as many "3rd party add ons" available. If there is some particular 3rd party add on you need to use and only quickbooks has it then the decision is made for you. MJ from dlrepair. Decent accounting software for small business. It is easy to teach a new user how to begin entering transactions.

You can set up an assistant to begin entering basic transactions almost immediately. When searching a list purchases, payments, etc. The software will locate the search criteria even if it is just a couple of characters in the middle of a string of text. Chart of accounts does not have a true hierarchy so you cannot get totals to roll up for sub accounts. It is often tricky to customize a report accurately. Some reports will omit data because it comes from a specific "journal" and there is no way to make the report include all relevant "journals".

Great product that serves basic accounting functions. This product is a great product for small to medium sized businesses. It allowed us to track over 20 different departments based on the way we structured our chart of accounts. Within those 20 different departments, we were also able to track 7 different expense categories not accounts, groups of accounts.

Reports look nice and are somewhat easy to build. Entering AP invoices does not require you know your debits or credits. Same goes for AR invoicing. Journal entries are simple enough to put in and the general ledger reporting is very clean.

Review of Acclivity AccountEdge Pro | CPA Practice Advisor

We were limited based on the number of items we wanted to track. In addition to account number, department, and expense category, we were hoping to track school projects, use tax, physicals expenses, location. This forced us to do a lot more reporting in excel than we would have preferred. Major limitations for everything but the most simple operations. Want to do accounting? Sage 50 will do it almost as well as Quickbooks for a higher cost and with less support. It's also a lot harder to find an accountant that works with Sage and actually knows what they're doing.

Want to buy and resell products? Sure, it'll mostly work.

Forget it, Sage 50 can't do it properly and will cost you an incalculable amount in lost time and opportunity. No lot tracking, horrible reporting, no forecasting, only 5 user defined fields none of which are very useful , no BOM variances, no part revisions allowed, no mass BOM update, etc.

Version 5.09

Oh so many things: No ability to limit access to fields, or to require approvals on data entry Fields are not updatable in table views and require opening a screen for each item to update. Finding information in Sage is difficult, must search through multiple screens, reports, or excel spreadsheets to find date Order data exists in many separate views SO, PO, WO, Invoice without a single summary view of status. Sage50 items do not link — a line on a PO, SO, Quote, etc cannot be clicked to bring up the item card.

One time use items or BOMs have to be added to part master to never be removed which clutters system, or have to be entered as a description items which severely limits usability. Cannot open multiple records when reviewing order history or item cards, POs, Invoices, etc.

Can only have one window for each type open at a time. No system discount levels Difficult to determine lead times for an assembly, have to start a pseudo work ticket and still can only determine current part availability that doesn't show when on order parts will arrive Sage can assign a user to a quote, but has no notifications to tell that user when the quote gets converted, updated, etc No material traceability, or lot tracking Routings do not exist — cannot track inventory moves from receipt to, inventory, picking, assembly, QA, etc Sage50 cannot record who received, assembled, tested, shipped, etc Cannot attach records or files to built items final inspection reports, pictures, etc Purchase planning is almost non-existent.

Parts cannot undergo true revision. Changing the item ID results in changing entire system history Rev changes require creation of new ID and BOM update BOM changes are labor intensive BOM changes must occur individually and manually each time a part undergoes revision Variances are not allowed Cannot swap parts or revisions for a variance BOM, a complete new BOM must be created and all traveler paperwork reprinted When moving to a new revision, the old revision must remain in the BOM until consumed which results in Sage reporting the need to purchase the old revision instead of the new revision.

Good software if you know what you are doing. Once I became familiar with this software and how to work my way around it, it has remained an integral part of our business accounting. The longer we use it, the more valuable it becomes. The sheer magnitude of accounting and business tracking capabilities is incredible.

Sage is regularly updating and improving their software. There are many ways that you can make mistakes, but if you know what you are doing it is generally easy to fix said mistakes. As is the case with both AccountEdge and QuickBooks , the flowchart attempts to create a visual relationship between various business activities.

Here you can create quotes, sales orders, and invoices, reconcile your bank accounts, create and receive purchase order items, and review accounts payable. Each of these same tasks are also available in other areas of the application and selecting other Navigation options provides you with access to a deeper set of tools and features. If none of the application's existing reports fit your specific needs, you can create custom reports of your own.

For example, selecting Chart of Accounts from the navigation sidebar provides you with links for a number of account-related reports. Two features make MoneyWorks a standout: Multiuser network capabilities and cross-platform client applications. Sharing your MoneyWorks file on the network is as simple as opening the Sharing and Users settings and putting a check in a box to turn on sharing. A Datacenter version allows access by iOS devices and multicompany hosting By default the application allows access to anyone on the network, so to limit access you also need to password protect your data file.

Once you do so you can add users and limit their access to features. Unfortunately, there is no group option for managing user access to data, so every user you create needs to have access managed individually. Little has changed about the way the AccountEdge looks in nearly a dozen years, but, in terms of accounting capabilities, it remains a solid application.

Sage 50 Accounting (Formerly Peachtree)

The program still provides excellent tools for securing your data while still providing access to your accounting and inventory data in a multiuser, multiplatform environment. While not much has changed on the front end, AccountEdge has added a few new features for , including the addition of master inventory items that allow you to create dozens of varieties with out having to create distinct inventory items for each variety.

So, for example, you can create a category called Whole Bean Coffee that can then be broken down into more specific varieties such as specific roasts in caffeinated or decaf, all of which makes it much easier to manage your inventory.

Acclivity has also rebranded and updated its AccountEdge Web front end, offering features in the cloud, including options for creating invoices and other transactions from a webpage. Billings Pro offers the most beautiful, customizable invoice, estimate, and statement documents you will find in any similar application. Once enabled, the Audit Trail Report shows changes to settings, standing data, and transactions.

2014 Review of Acclivity AccountEdge Pro 2014

The application supports simultaneous access by up to 10 users on the network edition of the application, which is available for computers running Windows or MacOS X. A number of business management tools, including CRM, appointment management, timekeeping tools, human resource management, and reservation management are linked on the AccountEdge add-ons page at http: The add-ons page does not list integrations to SalesForce.

Inventory and purchasing features included the support of multi-location inventory and committed inventory pending orders. AccountEdge only supports the weighted average cost method for inventory valuation.

Version 5.10

Standard inventory reports for management purposes include an Inventory Value Reconciliation Book to Physical report , pricing analysis, and stock alert. The inventory item maintenance screen shown in the figure below shows the depth of information which can be maintained on the eight tabs associated with each item in AccountEdge Pro. A Dashboard Overview is not included as a home page in the application, however, charts and graphs are available as menu options from the reports menu.

Reporting is available from the command center and is organized by category. Reporting capabilities are further enhanced by ODBC capabilities built into the product, so third party report writers like Crystal reports would be able to access the data on the Windows platform. Security is organized by two levels; system wide which includes locking open periods and user security that is restricted by access to specific menu options.

When closing a year the user has the ability to purge data to reduce the file size. The AccountantLink feature also allows transfer of accounting data to the outside accountant. Acclivity supplies a free copy of AccountEdge to the accountant to facilitate this transfer of information.

Built-In Support features and help menu link to the Acclivity website. Additional support includes a U. Free e-mail support is available.