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You want to copy and paste the output of the following command and paste it here. Rails is now installed, but in order for us to use the rails executable, we need to tell rbenv to see it:. We're going to install sqlite3 from homebrew because we can't use the built-in version with macOS Sierra without running into some troubles. Rails ships with sqlite3 as the default database. Chances are you won't want to use it because it's stored as a simple file on disk.

There is a lot of documentation on both, so you can just pick one that seems like you'll be more comfortable with.

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Once this command is finished, it gives you a couple commands to run. Follow the instructions and run them:. By default the postgresql user is your current OS X username with no password. For example, my OS X user is named chris so I can login to postgresql with that username. Overview This will take about 30 minutes. We will be setting up a Ruby on Rails development environment on macOS Installing Homebrew First, we need to install Homebrew. Installing Ruby Choose the version of Ruby you want to install: 2. Configuring Git We'll be using Git for our version control system so we're going to set it up to match our Github account.

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You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access. Installing Rails Choose the version of Rails you want to install: 6. Setting Up A Database We're going to install sqlite3 from homebrew because we can't use the built-in version with macOS Sierra without running into some troubles. On my computer, this returns ruby 1. Good job, you're now using Ruby 1.

Install Ruby with rbenv

There's just one last thing to deal with. If you restart Terminal, and type ruby -v again, you'll likely find that it has defaulted back to the system version of Ruby: 1. That's no good! Let's be sure to make 1. This bit is identical to what we did just a moment ago - the only difference being that we've specified that 1. The next step is to install any gems that you require.

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For example, if you want to work with Ruby on Rails:. Important: Note that I'm not using sudo to install these gems. This is a big no-no when working with RVM. From the official docs :. So to reiterate, as soon as you 'sudo' you are running as the root system user which will clear out your environment as well as any files it creates are not able to be modified by your user and will result in strange things happening. You will start to think that someone has a voodoo doll of your application If this tutorial seemed incredibly easy to you, that's because it wasn't intended for you.

Not everyone is comfortable with the command line, and not everyone installs Ruby without first being met with a huge crop of errors. Hopefully, this article will help a bit.

Install RVM

And, again, if you're still having trouble, leave a comment, and we'll do our best to help you out! Alternatively to RVM, you also might look into rbenv , which, though quite new, is quickly gaining popularity. Save Now.

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How to Install Ruby on Rails

Learning Guides. Code Ruby. How to Install Ruby on a Mac. Open the Terminal and type: ruby -v Likely, the version number will return 1. While you might be tempted to stick with that, you probably shouldn't for a couple reasons: Old versions of the OS shipped with a buggy version of Ruby RVM provides the flexibility to use any version of Ruby that you require. Plus, if you're just starting out with Ruby, don't use an old version; you want 1. Step 3 - Restart Terminal Just to be safe, let's restart Terminal to make sure that everything took effect.

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To ensure that RVM is correctly installed, type: rvm You should see a long list of commands that are available to you. Step 4 - Download the Latest Version of Xcode From my experiences, the biggest gotcha is when you try to install a new version of Ruby with RVM, and you're met with a handful of confusing errors. You can download Xcode from Apple's App Store. Search for "xcode" and click the install button. Jeffrey Way. Feed Like Follow Weekly email summary.

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Installing Ruby 1.9.3 w/ RVM on Mac OSX Lion

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Install Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X

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