Heroine mac lipstick coming back

I have not seen anyone this shade does not look good on. ALTHOUGH, people who are not very used to wearing bright colors, or more specifically, the color purple, on their lips will probably need to break in the lipstick to get comfortable. Otherwise, it's just gorgeous on everyone.

Brings out your inner Mestiza.

10 Best MAC Matte Lipstick Shades – Our Top Picks

I'm naturally more cauc- than -asian, but I do have to say that this lipstick just makes me look whiter. I can also say with confidence that it really brightens up the face. Brings out the shape of your lips. I never realized that I liked the shape of my lips until I wore this lipstick.

The 50 Most Classic Lipstick Colors of All Time

I'm pretty sure other bright colors do the same as well, but this one especially does the job for me. Remember when I said it was long wearing? Yeeeeaaaahh, it's long wearing alright. I'm left with a really bright pink stain that doesn't seem to leave me unless I use a scrub on my lips. I think other people will find this appealing, but my chapped and cracked lips aren't exactly the best ground for a stain. It's all uneven and there are some parts that are darker than the rest and it just emphasizes all the ugly parts and- HAY.

Let's just not get into it. Beware of the hot pink residue!

Mac Cosmetics Pure Heroine Vs. Heroine Lipstick

And be prepared to use heavy duty remover or a scrub to get that off your lips. Makes your teeth look yellow. Ok, this is not specific to everyone.

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If your teeth are healthy and naturally pearly white then you will have no problem. For people like me with teeth that aren't exactly ugly or stained but more of a dull white, there will be a subtle yellowy sort of tinge to your teeth. The only time I noticed is when my mom pointed it out to me, and mothers are like that. They notice stuff most people don't. I'm not kidding. Here, Vogue. How many did you try out before you chose the goth-plum color for Pure Heroine?

Well, basically I looked at every current lipstick there was, and then I asked MAC to make me up five different ones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Having a Sale for National Lipstick Day

When did you start wearing a dark purple lip? Before I even put an EP out or anything! I bought a dark MAC color.

What is your trick for applying the liner? Liquid eyeliner is pretty important to me because if you take the line even a little bit off, into a weird place, it can totally make your eye a crazy shape. So I try to just keep it thinner at the inner corner of the lid and parallel to the crease of my eye. Who do you get your curls from?

My mom. I had straight hair until I was thirteen, and then I hit puberty and it just went insane. How long did it take to straighten your hair for your Billboard Awards performance on Sunday night? Actually not that long! I will look for any reason and even assemble outfits to accommodate a look that allows me to use Heroine! I have to say that this is a color unique to the MAC brand.

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Haven't found anything like it anywhere else. I can't begin to say how much I love this lipstick I never thought I could pull it off cause I'm a red lipstick girl. I really love it, it is my first purple lipstick and it's so fabulous. Because of this one i think im going to buy more purple ones! Love love loooooove this color. I'm SOOO glad it's now apart of the permanent line..


The 50 Most Classic Lipstick Colors of All Time

Been using this color all week and have gotten nothing but compliments. It's a stunning color on my tan skin. Laaaaaav MAC lipsticks. Absolutely amazing. Everybody says that their are cheaper alternatives and I'd rather not. I can't stay away from them. They're the best! You can never go wrong with MAC. It's amazing.