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I have been reading through Apple's service documents, and they said I may need to run the Thermal Calibration Tool, a tool that looks like is only available to Apple Service Techs of course there must be other ways to obtain access to this tool, but i will not discuss it here simply because it may be against the rules.

It is also something that looks like I shouldn't be touching because if used incorrectly, it looks like it could just destroy my entire computer! The computer works fine, and has been working fine, despite this annoying red light. I just want the red light turned off so I know that everything is AOK, and fine. Any solutions? I've Googled and Googled, and it looks like the only people who have problems are when the entire computer doesn't turn on, but mine does turn on and works great.

They also said it could be water pump problems, but my Mac is air cooled thankfully and not liquid cooled. Also, I would like to add, other than the light, I have not had any of the other symptoms that others with the light on have been having. The computer doesn't randomly go to sleep, nor does it ramp fans up and down sporadically. The computer just works, I just want the light off unless something really is broken.

I am not having any thermal runaways, and temps are completely normal.

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Best bet is to go to an apple store and ask them to run the calibration; I presume they'd do it for free. Probably a good idea to remove everything but one memory module for each processor and make sure each module is in the same slot as the other i. Based on the lights that you are seeing, it does sound like a logic board or memory issue, but if so you should be able to place your video card into another slot and have it work.

I would put both processors back in, place only two memory modules into it, and leave the video card out. I'm going to need to pick up a mac keyboard from somewhere. I put the RAM in matching slots on top and bottom, they weren't before, but now I don't hear the mac "chime" noise. One thing I just noticed is that when I turn it on, sometimes it will turn off immediately, other times it will last longer. The red led on the motherboard will stay lit the entire time its on. Right as it's powering down by itself you will hear the same clicking noise you hear when it powers up, and the white led above the power switch will flash.

I will check back with this thread tomorrow. PC's will see it as a external drive must have software installed to be able to surf threw the drive though i would also try pressing the reset button inside the computer to reset all pram i think its by the battary on the motherboard let me know if this helps but what i have heard if this happens re seating take out and put back in of the processor usually fixes it but since you have done that already it seems it might be the logic board Ya, i've tried to re-seat both processors, memory, etc multiple times.

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Everything that is in the system is compatible. It just stopped working one day. It appears to be a bad logic board.

Power Mac G5

Does anyone know where I can find a logic board other than a mac service center? I've tried typing in what I beleive to be the part number but I cannot find anything. Since different revisons exist for many models, either your computer's serial number or the serial number printed on your logic board itself are required before we can fill advanced exchange or outright purchase orders for logic boards. Both serials are preferred. Unless you already know the part you need.

2.3Ghz Dual G5 Powermac

The G5 serial number is located inside the access panel, directly below the air deflector. The logic board serial number is printed next to the DIMM sockets.

You must also run the diagnostic if you re-install the same processor but in a different connector from the one in which it was originally installed. Note: The calibration process of Apple Service Diagnostic requires a controlled environment to ensure accurate ambient temperature readings. Units under test should also be located away from heating and air conditioning ventilation systems and the fan exhaust of other machines.

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Ambient temperature should not go above 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Centigrade. Reseat video card 2. Replace video card 3. Replace front panel board cable 4. Replace speaker 5. Replace front panel board 6. Replace logic board.

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  • Ya, it isn't worth replacing the logic board in this old mac. I usually use ebay for all my laptop parts. I just can't find the motherboard i need on ebay.


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    There's a white label on the disk that says Do you guys think this could be the logic board? The computer without the video card will turn on, mac chime will sound, LED on optical drive will light up, all fans will be spinning, system appears to be booting, a few seconds later the system shuts down.

    PC Build "Power Hackintosh i7" in Apple Power Mac G5 case

    Sometimes it shuts down after one minute other times right after the chime sometimes before the chime. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    By the way I do not have a mac keyboard. Verified Expert. I noticed that when i try booting with the case open I experience the red led being on and fan sound very loudm no boot chime.. But when i closed and locked the case , i heard the boot chime Just thought i leave some info.